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We want to wish you a merry christmas, great holidays and a happy new year! See you in 2015 with the latest and greatest on Miss Emmy Rossum!

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It’s no secret that Emmy Rossum isn’t afraid to bare her bod on the small screen for her hit TV series Shameless. The 28-year-old beauty has previously told E! News that “being naked in character is very easy because it’s just playing pretend. You’re someone else. You don’t feel like yourself”—and she echoed those same sentiments on E! News when she stopped by the studio on Thursday, hilariously proclaiming, “They’re just boobs!” when asked about being naked on the boob tube (pun intended).
Still, there’s no denying that Emmy, who looked stunning in an Elie Saab dress and adorable Christian Louboutin flats during her chat, always looks amazing on screen, but is it tough trying to stay in shape during the holiday season while simultaneously filming the hit Showtime series?!
“I read somewhere that Cindy Crawford, who I think is so beautiful, said ‘Be 80 percent good 80 percent of the time’. So I think that’s kind of the motto, life is too short not to eat the cookie and not eat the cake but at the same time health is super-important too,” she said.
The Phantom of the Opera star, who also previously admitted that she’s never worried about squeezing in a workout before shooting a racy scene, adding that health is an important part of her life (but she also knows when to indulge!). “I know that when I eat poorly my performance at work is not as good, so I try to be healthy,” she shared before adding with a smile, “But during the holiday season, you need to go easy on yourself a little bit.”


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Fans who have dreamed of misbehaving with the Gallaghers of Shameless, and, say, crash a holiday party with Fiona might just get a chance to do so. And it is all for a shamelessly good cause.
Emmy Rossum, who plays Fiona Gallagher on Showtime’s hit comedy drama, is urging fans to head to Omaze, the sweepstakes site for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, for “chance to be a Gallagher.”
“Showtime is celebrating three of their biggest premieres with one amazing Hollywood party and you and a friend are invited to crash it with me and my hopelessly dysfunctional family,” Rossum promises. Apart from the party-crashing experience, the lucky winners will be treated to flights to flights into Los Angeles, a limo ride, a stay at a four-star hotel. They will also get to meet the clan, a prospect that should give any prospective winners nightmares. After all, Shameless, titled so for a reason, is centered around the famously dysfunctional family of Frank Gallagher, a single father of six. The series, a remake of a successful British show of the same name, is set in Canaryville, a neighborhood on Chicago’s rough South Side.
“I’ll sneak you through the velvet rope for a few classy red carpet photos that we’ll immediately ruin with photobombs,” Rossum aka Fiona continues to explain to lure participants. “Inside we can dive right into a full night of debauchery disguised as hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and whatever the hell Frank is doing. Just don’t take any Gallaghers back to the hotel when it’s over because I’ll need to get that security deposit back.”
All the fun is for a good cause: Proceeds will be donated to the Foundation For Living Beauty, a non-profit organization dedicated to uplifting the lives of women affected by cancer. Fans have the option of buying “entries” at different levels ranging from $10 to $10,000. Depending on how much they give, they can increase their chances to win the Los Angeles event and will also get a reward ranging from a digital thank-you card from the cast of “Shameless” ($25) to a Skype style session with Rossum ($10,000).


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Emmy Rossum likes to wear pastel colours in winter for the surprise factor. While many people turn to more muted tones during the colder months, Emmy says powdery shades actually work really well.
Talking about how she brightens up the dreary days of winter, the 28-year-old actress says her pale blue coat always adds a touch of colour to any outfit. “It’s unexpected!” she laughed to Us Weekly magazine. “I like to wear mine with slim pants and a bright scarf that picks up a bit of the colour.”
To accessorise her cover up Emmy often scours vintage marketplace Etsy for cool brooches. While some are bargains, the actress has also been known to splash the cash on the pieces of jewellery. “Some are $3.99, some are $100,” she smiled, adding she keeps her collection of 24 in Tupperware. “They can go old-lady easily, so I like whimsical ones.”
Brooches aren’t the only pieces Emmy lusts after, she also has an impressive shoe and bag collection. For red carpet events the Golden Globe nominee always looks flawless, and wowed at Fox’s Cause For Paws: An All-Star Dog Spectacular event on Saturday in a pair of Bionda Castana heels. “I own close to 60 pairs of shoes – it’s a lot,” she added, adding she recently snapped up three pairs of Christian Louboutins at a sale.
When it comes to bags, the bigger the better is Emmy’s style mantra. “[Bally’s tote] fits my scripts. It has enough pockets so I don’t lose my phone, keys and lipstick,” she said.

Source: Xposé Entertainment

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Emmy Rossum plans her outfits days in advance. The 28-year-old actress has perfected her ‘smart’ and ‘put together’ style by organising her wardrobe into coordinating groups and selecting her looks well ahead of time.
She told People magazine: “I always like to look put together and smart, but I don’t put too much energy into it. “Sometimes I pick out outfits on the weekend that I might wear during the week, or before a season comes, I’ll kind of group things together in the closet that might go together – more like an organization tactic so outfits can come together much more quickly in the mornings.”
The Beautiful Creatures star likes to base her outfits around simple cross-seasonal pieces that keep her looking ‘elegant’ throughout the year. She explained: “[My style] is often based on my mood, and I always wear things that are comfortable for every day. “Right now I’m wearing a black capri pant by a company called Bardot, and it’s a very smart, simple lightweight black pant that can transition with layers into a winter look. “But I like [the pants] with a ballet flat and a turtleneck. It feels very European, easy and elegant.”
The brunette beauty is also in the process of preparing for Christmas and shared her top tips for finding personal but inexpensive gifts for loved ones. She said: “I like to do things that are super personalised, and they don’t have to be very expensive. “So on the super inexpensive end, you can do a candle that has their initial on it.”

Source: Xposé Entertainment

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Actress Emmy Rossum, who plays the character of Fiona Gallagher on Showtime’s Shameless, hosted the Moto X Film Experience Premiere in Los Angeles recently. At the event, she talked to journalists about what’s going on with the Gallaghers in the upcoming season.
“There’s definitely a lot that’s really funny, but Frank falls in love — real love — for the first time, too,” Rossum said to, “so we’ll see that happen, which will be really interesting. And one of our main characters gets married, as well, so it’ll be an interesting season.”
The Gallaghers’ neighborhood in Chicago will be invaded with hipsters and coffee shops. It’s clear from the season 5 trailer that the family will not be happy with the neighborhood gentrification taking place. Lip and Mickey are shown shooting up the hip coffee joint with assault rifles.
Rossum discussed what she admires about her character Fiona. “I love the character. I love her duality … How strong she is and how vulnerable at the same time. She’s very much like a rescue animal who is always in fight or flight mode,” she said.
The promo trailer shows actor Dermot Mulroney making an appearance in a scene with Rossum, signifying a new love interest is on the horizon for Fiona. “His character is interesting,” Rossum said of Mulroney’s new part. “He’s a recovering addict and he’s a father. He’s very different for Fiona. She’s very interested in him at the onset and he’s kind of interested in her, but knows how bad she would be for him and he actually kind of rejects her very early on in the season.”
Rossum described a little of what goes down when the cast has free time off the set. “We do have fun when we’re out in Chicago. We all go out together and Joan Cusack hosts parties at her house and we play Running Charades. It really is the best. Bill Macy is really good. He might be a cheater, because he always wins.”
The fifth season of Shameless premieres on Jan. 11, at 8 p.m. on Showtime.



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