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Entertainment One Films US has acquired North American distribution rights to director George C. Wolfe’s drama You’re Not You, which stars two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank, Golden Globe nominee Emmy Rossum and Josh Duhamel.
The film is slated for theatrical release later this year and is produced by DPP in association with Di Novi Pictures (Alison Greenspan) and 2S Films (Molly Smith and Swank). Jordan Roberts and Shana Feste wrote the script, which is based on the novel of the same name by Michelle Wildgen.
You’re Not You centers on the relationship between Kate (Swank), a woman who has been immobilized by ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s disease) and Bec (Rossum), the aimless and self-absorbed college student she hires to be her caregiver in spite of her husband’s (Duhamel) objections. What was supposed to be a part-time job instead becomes a life-changing experience for Bec as her relationship with Kate transforms her into a young woman with newly-found confidence and ambition.
The film co-stars Loretta Devine, Ernie Hudson, Frances Fisher, Marcia Gay Harden, Ali Larter, Jason Ritter, Julian McMahon and Andrea Savage. Myriad Pictures is handling international sales and introduced the film to buyers at EFM in Berlin.
The deal was negotiated by CAA and Sejin Croninger, VP of worldwide acquisitions for eOne Films US. The company’s upcoming slate of domestic releases includes Cuban Fury with Nick Frost, Two Night Stand with Miles Teller and Decoding Annie Parker with Aaron Paul.


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Jimmy/Steve is back, but his role in the fifth season is still being determined. Shameless fans were stunned by the return of Justin Chatwin in Sunday’s Season 4 finale, but its not clear if his recent cameo means that he will return to the Showtime series full-time.
Producers on the program will determine what his role in the fifth season will be when they go back into production and begin writing scripts. At that point, Chatwin may once again be granted the series regular status that he lost during the most recent season.
Chatwin, who played protagonist Fiona Gallagher’s boyfriend, Jimmy, for the Showtime series’ first three seasons, was missing in action for Season 4. His character was presumed dead after being kidnapped and taken aboard a ship by a very angry and deadly mobster. Jimmy, also named Steve, is a con man and car thief who was forced into a marriage of convenience to the mobster’s daughter, but got into trouble when she got deported. His apparent murder happened off-screen, but show runner John Wells implied in public comments that Chatwin’s character died.
“He has done great work, but that character was coming to an end,” Wells said during a Television Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences panel last June. Yet Chatwin popped up right before the credits rolled on the edgy comedy’s fourth season finale. His character was seen idling in a car with a woman, outside the Gallagher clan’s dilapidated house. He ultimately decided not to knock on the door and have a reunion.
Chatwin’s appearance was also a shock to his castmates, who took to social media to share their surprise. Showtime declined to comment and a spokesperson for Chatwin did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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Fans got quite the shock during the season four finale of Shameless during a post-credit scene where Steve Wilton aka Jimmy Lishman, played by Justin Chatwin, happened to be ALIVE, when all along, fans thought he had been killed off after season three! Justin and a mystery gal pull up to the Gallagher house. She asks if he’d like to go inside, and he replies, “No, not tonight.” The reveal was so shocking, the cast of Shameless were not even aware of the huge spoiler!
“HOLLLLLLY MOLY NO IDEA. HE’S ALIVE. JUST FOUND OUT WITH YOU. PPL CALLING ME. SO MAD DIDN’T SEE LIVE. #JIMMYSTEVE @Justingchatwin #SHAMELESS” Emmy Rossum tweeted. “Got the 411 from @Justingchatwin & our producers. They flew him 2 Chicago & put him in another hotel so noone would know! #sneaky #SHAMELESS”
“I guess It’s not over till it’s over.” Justin wrote.
“They didn’t tell me @Justingchatwin was going to be on the finale!!! DAMN!!!! That was awesome !!” – Steve Howey
“Ladies and Gentlemen I am completely shocked right now!!!!! I had no idea, best, kept secret!” – Shanola Hampton


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Season 4 ends with Sheila fighting for custody of the Native American kids and clashing with Sammi over where they will all live once Frank is released. Meanwhile, Fiona passes a drug test, gets released from jail and lands a job at Patsy’s Pies with the help of her parole officer; and Frank begins to feel again like his old, troubled self.


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Emmy went on a fun road trip and shared several great pictures on her Instagram. Previews below:

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Fiona is taken to a correctional facility; Frank wakes up from his operation suffering from post-operative delirium; Ian crashes the christening for Mickey’s son; Amanda’s parents bribe Lip to stay away from their daughter; Debbie meets an older student with a dark ulterior motive.



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