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Emmy Rossum brought color to the red carpet tonight. Decked out in a draped pink mini dress, she kept her accessories simple — black peep-toe pumps, matching clutch, and double-strand necklace top it all off. How do you like her look? Source:
Note: I’m still on the hunt for pictures of this event. So, expect them within the next update! ;)

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“Big wet snowflakes! Not sticking yet, but fingers crossed for tonight! I love the snow. Perfect day to cuddle up w/ a good book.”
posted by Emmy on February 25, 2010

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How exciting! Beth was kind enough to share her beautiful Fanart (including Banners and Livejournal Icons) with us! Huge thanks, I truly appreciate your donations! If you got anything, you wanna donate, do not hesitate to get in touch with me. :)

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I just finished adding several new information pages to the site. Enjoy!

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I added several personal snapshots, Emmy shared with her fans through the last few months. Happy Watching!

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As reported before, Emmy joined the cause This Is Our Moment. Click here to watch Emmy’s ad.


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